A sea food dish's view of a half board in Akrogiali hotel in Halkidiki


Enjoy your half-board dinner by choosing from innovative healthy menus that the host-chefs design, using fresh local products with the best seafood, fine meats and offering unique dining experiences with a Mediterranean nutrition. The 3-course menus include appetizers, fresh salads and main dishes and the choice of dish is yours. Drinks are not included in the half board package.

A sea food dish's view of a "A La Cart" menu in Akrogiali hotel in Halkidiki

A la carte

Innovative creations from Greek cuisine inspired by tradition, handmade bread, pure virgin olive oil and options combined with fresh products for a special enjoyment experience combined with excellent Greek wines.

A fresh salad with Greek herbs dish's view in Akrogiali hotel in Halkidiki

Cuisine with Greek herbs

Enjoy a healthy nutrition with the freshest local products, fish soup Kakavia with greek safran, authentic flavors of grilled squid and basil pesto of our garden, due to our love of Greek herbs.

A food dish's view of a personalized menu in Akrogiali hotel in Halkidiki

Personalized Menus

Menu options include vegetarian, risotto, gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan and more for a personalized dining experience.

The view of a served fresh grilled fish dish in Akrogiali hotel in Halkidiki

Fresh Fish

Taste at the restaurant the best grilled Fish with selection of healthy and vegetarian side dishes. The fresh fish daily delivered from the local fisherman to your table.

View of the Kitchen area in Akrogiali Hotel

Kitchen Area

In the kitchen areas of Akrogiali Exclusive Hotel, food managers adhere to strict safety and preparation protocols. The principles of HACCP are followed in every step of any process.