Mavrobara Natural Wonder

Lake & Walking Pathway

Situated 300 m height and 3 km from Akrogiali Exclusive Hotel, the “Turtle Lake” is a place of rare beauty and of major ecological importance.

The Mavrobara Lake was declared as a protected natural monument in 1997 and that is the only wetland hosting both rare species of the Emydidae turtle. There are walking trails around the lake, with natural springs and lush greenery to revitalize yourself.

Mavrobara route: circular route | distance: 3,2 klm | duration: 1 h | difficulty level: Easy.

Kassandra Nature

Kassandra is blessed with lush green forests that reach right down to the beach. Still, the region stands for much more than beaches. Kassandra is also home to many earthly paradises for those who love mountains.

Halkidiki Routes

Halkidiki’s three peninsulas plunge into the Aegean Sea, offering a coastline of about 550 km featuring a thousand different beaches.  The variety of its natural environment is ideal to explore: 20 hiking routes and 17 cycling routes are located between mountains, forests and wetlands, with the major part beeing protected by Natura European Network (2000).