Halkidiki has the perfect combination of landscapes, colors and aromas. All your senses will come alive either on the endless beaches that calm the mind and relax the body or in the forests with the aroma of pine trees and the majesty of the view they offer.

Amazing Coastline

Halkidiki represents an amazing coastline of 550km, featuring a thousand different beaches. There are pure golden sandy ones, to enjoy their stunning landscape and others rocky enough, to explore their wild beauty.


Halkidiki is favored thanks to the Mediterranean climate, enjoying at least 250 days of sunshine per year. It is an ideal summer destination, as the summer months are warm with minimal rainfall.


3.000 year-old culture

Halkidiki features in many Greek myths and was populated since 4.000 BC. The remains of the 5th century BC cities, the Museums with the collections of artifacts, the Byzantine monuments and the traditional villages, compose the long history of Halkidiki.